MAG MAX / MAGNESIUM - High Level Nutrition
MAG MAX / MAGNESIUM - High Level Nutrition
MAG MAX / MAGNESIUM - High Level Nutrition



Fast absorbing MAG-MAX relaxes muscles, calms nerves and promotes healthy energy levels so you can #LiveHighLevel.


An estimated 80 percent of adults are deficient in this vital dietary mineral. Magnesium deficiencies are the second most common deficiency in developed countries. A lack of magnesium will cause both neurological and muscular effects such as depression, chronic fatigue, behavioral disorders and mood swings, ADHD, muscle cramps, migraines, and abnormal heart rhythms. Many doctors, nutritionists, and researchers believe it is the single most important nutrient for human health. 

Magnesium is the second most prevalent electrolyte in the human body. Involved in over 300 biochemical functions in the body, magnesium is known as the "Miracle Mineral". Calms nerves and anxiety. Treats insomnia and helps you fall asleep. Helps with digestion by relieving constipation. Relieves muscle aches and spasms. Regulates levels of calcium, potassium and sodium. Strengthens the heart. Promotes cardio-vascular health. Supports adrenal glands. Alkalizes the body. 

Magnesium is a critical factor in the chemical reactions needed to create energy. It activates adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP, which is the fuel that drives each cell in your body. Magnesium is the most vital nutrient for your body's energy source, the human heart, because it support the heart muscle to function better. It helps protect blood vessels, which is where heart disease actually occurs. Magnesium is also a natural blood thinner, much like aspirin, leading health experts to believe it may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

HIGH LEVEL is committed to providing the highest quality, safest, and most effective supplements on the market. We use a variety of methods to test all raw materials to make sure they meet our uncompromising standards including screening for impurities, heavy metals, insecticides and microbes. All of our products are packaged in Petroleum-Free, Biodegradable, Plant-Based bottles and proudly manufactured in the USA in a Certified USDA Organic, GMP and FDA Inspected Facility.

If you don’t love Mag-Max, we don’t want you to pay for it. Contact us within 30 days for a no-questions-asked refund on your order. You can even keep the bottle. 


With every product sold, HIGH LEVEL supports a charitable cause through our human impact mission and our mission to fuel impactful and responsible giving throughout the world. We collaborate with trusted partners to further the work they're doing to improve lives. HIGH LEVEL will donate a portion of proceeds from every bottle of Mag Max to partner organizations committed to improving lives around the world. 



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